Outsource Inbound Call Center Services


Outsource Inbound Call Center Services

Having an efficient and prompt inbound customer care or customer support is as important as having a great product or service. In absence, you risk losing out on your valuable customers to your competitors.

If lately you have been unable to meet the gruelling demands of customer support in-house, why not consider outsourcing inbound customer support to Eminent4u.

We are a well-established and reputed outsourcing company, which has handled inbound customer service operations of several global organizations, across a wide range of domains over the years. Our high-tech infrastructure, presence of skilled call center professionals and usage of latest telecommunication software helps us provide prompt and efficient call center support and phone answering services 24x7 that are tailor-made for your customers.

We have expertise in a wide range of inbound call center services, such as:

Customer Services

Online Customer Support Services

Consumer Response

Order Entry Services

Fault Diagnosis / Technical Support

Payment Collection Services

Direct Mail /TV Response

Real-Time Inventory Status Services

Directory Inquiry Services

Rebate Processing Services

Email Management Services

Registration Of Event Participants & Prospects

Event Scheduling Services

Help Desk Solutions

Sales Lead Qualification And Closure

Inbound Sales

Scheduling Sales Demos Services

Insurance Claims Processing Services

Subscription Services

Medical Answering Services

Technical Support

Virtual Receptionist Services

Ticketing Sales Subscription Services

Warranty Registration Services

Toll Free Response / Toll Free Services

Website Response

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