Who We Are

At Eminent4u, we’re the voice behind some of the largest companies around the globe. For number of years, Eminent4u has lead the way with dedicated Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing in the UK and has served a number of blue chip businesses. Our highly professional onshore and offshore solutions allow you to focus on the business of making your enterprise a success


Our Approach

We work as an integral part of our clients’ business; respecting their culture and achievements, protecting their reputation,

supporting their employees and committing to results-focused, risk-reward agreements.

Our cooperative approach enabled us to have links with so many Internationals brands across the globe



Our Values



Our values are core to our business and the people who work for us.


  • » Bold

    » Open

» Trusted

» Clear



Our People


Training and development

We know that overall success depends on having motivated, dedicated and skilled people who are able to grow with the business. That’s why, from day one, we invest in training and developing our employees at every level of the organization, from front-line customer-facing staff, to senior managers.



We believe in “Grow” model and committed to provide growth to our people at Eminent4u.  As well as maintaining the highest standards for our clients, our ongoing coaching and mentoring ensure our employees continue to learn and grow ‘on the job’, supporting their career development.


Developing leaders


We strongly believe in developing people from within the organization through:

    • » Reward and recognition program that celebrate and showcase our employee’s success
    • » Development program designed to fit our culture and priorities, and linked to recognized qualifications and skills in the individual.